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English 'Tory-a' Law

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Under English 'Tory-a' Law, no female Prime Minister, even if she is a white, university educated woman, shall be permitted to serve the full-term of her premiership – it is not a pregnancy after all – even when she is installed into office through the democratic process of a general election.

Evidence, if it were ever needed, that just as in the case of Margaret Thatcher, the Palace of Westminster was always confined to exist under a status of colony where the rule of law is imposed and governed by a set of misogynistic, alt-right bureaucrats; a dictatorship, if you will.

Consequently, today I issue a plea: all ‘“letter boxes”’ must cry – ‘FREEDOM!’ Rise up and remove the head of the ‘dick state’ wherever they may lie. Colonialism everywhere is spelt the same, c-a-l-i-p-h-a-t-e, even in lands where a miniskirt has been so radicalised that it no longer sees itself as a burqa.

'Burk In A Letter Box': Ringleader and repeat offender steals No.10 from woman in broad daylight.



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