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Cancel Culture: The Legacy of Sugar & Cotton

To whom it may concern,

Here are some examples of ‘Cancel Culture’ that spark joy among contemporary practitioners of this ancient custom:

  • the history and legacy of the ‘Transatlantic Slave Trade’, aka, people trafficking for rape and profit [an exercise still enforced to this day, as well you know];

  • ‘Chavinesque’ public lynchings [genocide; police brutality; stabbings; shootings… [and yes, this does apply among ethnic minority communities where we execute each other at will]; however, in such instances, the colonial gangs who set the standard for 'best practice' are never going to intervene to stop us, or indeed, save us; we play this sport far too well; they love the way we are ‘killing it’ in the field;

  • racism based on skin colour, hair, the size and shape of one’s bottom; our physiognomy: our nose and lips are mocked roundly; Botox my buttocks!

  • declaring a person of colour to be ‘“rude, aggressive and confrontational”’ even when these attributes have extensively limited our ability to get a toehold on the notoriously global property ladder of colonial and imperialistic pursuits;

  • the luxury of comparing people of African descent to ‘“gorillas”’ and ‘“monkeys”’, EVEN THOUGH WE LOOK NOTHING LIKE THEM, 'I Am Not Your Gorilla, I Am Not Your Monkey'. To be quite frank, ‘lol’, this natural habit of aping ignorance has been exhibited in grotesque statuesque proportions, on empire state buildings, and within the walls of your most hallowed institutional turf, for centuries.

Consequently, such inanity jars most strikingly with the countless false and tenuous claims made to the stolen territories of ‘superior intelligence’ often spewed around the globe. Oh, crumbs! What an ungodly holy war you lead! Super-caliphate-Jihadi-audacious! Honestly, racists, you are not the ‘chosen one’. No-one is. Let it go. Your thuggery credentials are exemplary though. Whoop, whoop! Still got that ‘minority ethnic’, in a vice, and chokehold, swinging in the political far right breeze, with your knee bearing down on ‘its’ neck. You’re ‘“bad”’ and ‘“you know it”’ [apologies to the estate of the late Michael Jackson].

Why the need to bury the bones? Be proud of your boys and girls. Brag about the factual size and range of your lengthy imperialistic reign. Come on Christians, show thyself! ‘“What is truth?”’ More Judas, less Christ! As are we all. Your noble theory is not history. You are not only the Good Samaritan; and the commandments of the Sewell revisionist bible, ‘Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report’, as scribed by its 11 disciples, although a revelation of sort, is not a New Testament.

Before you go in peace to love and serve your particular fatted calf, might it be stated that the word ‘woke’, which is consistently linguistically profiled, merely translates the notion that one is awakened to the overbearing stench of injustice being belched from the posterior of the privileged, whatever their hue. And, no, you are not excused! Stop being so bloody oafish! Your lineage is clear; you have no pedigree! Gentry? Pull the other one! You exterminated your right to that particular crown jewel, in biblical proportions, quite some time ago. Find another crusade.

Yours sincerely,




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