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Logline: The Subtext - BOI™ Speaks Up, Illustrates The Point, Draws The Line

Premise: BOI™ handcrafts miniature drawings to portray the profundity or humour of a pictorial narrative. In barren fields, on white cartridge paper, black Staedtler pigment liners duel, sketch and etch, begin the point of telling tales. Set, Sails. As images change, take shape, souls are brought to life, transcend each earthen human touch, transition to the palette realm; online they’re underwhelmed. BOI™ persists; scans run on, coloured lives are collage framed; is social media tamed?

Outline: BOI™ is composed. Miniature. Handcrafted. Political views and humour rattle. In black and white, sketches emerge in view, stride along an ivory cartridge paper screen, BOI™ takes centre stage. Agent Palette lurks.  Staedtler pigment liners strike, attack; BOI™ does not hold back. The jugular of the issue seized, stories’ black lines battle drawn. Mise-en-scène is set, motive clear,

BOI™’s ideas take flight.

Pursued, BOI™’s A4 pad is cornered.  On the scanner, face down, bold black lines are seen. BOI’s mugshot, fills the frame, of each computer screen. Palette has the proof, shouts for back up; BOI™’s crusade exposed. Agent Collage, joins all pixel dots, examines the narrative plots. Palette makes BOI™ squeal, each coloured accomplice peal. Paint 3D was game.  Palette gives the nod. 

BOI™’s image, finished!

Trial by social media starts.  BOI™ is in the shade!  Detained, invisible, solitary, mystery.  Algorithm shamed!  Life on Instagram, harsh.  BOI™ in Coventry, rash.  But wait, through BOI™’s prison bars, across High Seas are stars. 

DOI in constellation. BOI™, Ellie shines bright; delight, is my salvation.

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