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BOI-Led™: Our Illustrations Are Cooking™
“Let’s Make A Meal Of ‘Eat’!”™
‘“The ‘Palate’ Is The Thing!”’™ “Plate Up!”™
Take A Butchers At Our Range™

If you’re in the market for an amuse-bouche, let BOI™’s creative fusions whet your appetite!

BOI™’s Bouillabaisse™: It’s A Smörgåsbord Of Artistic Delights!™ While Mouthing Off™, at Le Gob™,

why not sample our Bosworth’s Old Boilers™ from The Bosworth Coop™. BOI™’s germane Nails Schnecken™

are Toe-curling™ in flavour, ‘butt’ not if You’re A Scandi Katt™! These are just a few of BOI™’s signature dishes. BOI™’s breed of comical creative morsels are hand-reared for impeccable quality. In addition, our ‘palette’

is drawn from the finest culinary stock. Its ancestry can be traced as far afield as Germany and

the United Kingdom. ‘Butt’ please, don’t mention ‘“The Brexit”’! It’s a recipe for disaster, E.U. might say.

Bon appétit!

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