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“A Woman’s Choice Is Her Right To Choose!”™

It is not for men, not Gods, to shroud us in their sinful skin, if people folk like her not kin. It is not for men, unholy fools, to take away her breath, send mothers to a plummet’s death. It is not for men, so cold, to stab her with their penile seed, watch her bleed, fulfil a hollow creed. It is not for men, who kill, to take away her will; the devil’s plot, this deal: steal her chance to learn, to earn, to elude the stakes that burn. It is not for men, who lie, to deny, storm and rape her statehood, stretch and take her childhood, watch us die, for idle brothers blinded by their manhood; no, her soul not in the mood; gone too far, you’re rude, too crude, so outside the line, nowhere near divine; to bribe the truth, lost among your youth, the serpent vessel’s dire tribe, no angel would prescribe. It is not for men, unbecoming, in their hell of loving, to chain her in their kitchen, sink, take her to the brink; bake her lives in oven camps, dim her future’s star-bright amps. “A Woman’s Choice Is Her Right To Choose!”™ The Almighty counts each tally… BAN! Will break the bonds, of every tiny incel idol man; you dare, but make yourself aware, in the end you lose; She triumphs, not this childish craven tantrum ruse... © Jhana Ruth Marc-Peterkin 2021



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