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Cartoons & Caricatures In Collage Commentary™

‘“It started with a [Trump], never thought it would come to this.”’ Yet here we are.  Donald-45, the Trump Virus, hit a chord and, inappropriately, touched a nerve.  ‘“Oh Lordy, there are [puns]”’! Trumputina™, Put-in-Hell™, Dick Head, Stable Genius – Warts And All™. Not to cause a storm, or spill the tea, but Trump’s Johnson keeps popping out. I, HuBoris™! One and the same. BOI™, someone, has to show them The Audacity Of Nope™! ‘“It is what it is”’.  Politics is ‘“dead inside”’ and ‘“cold outside”’. But, BOI™, [do we need to] Speak Up!™

Political: Portfolio
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